Every year Questacon publishes a Year in Review, featuring everything that has happened throughout the organisation that year. This year I had the great honour of designing and typesetting the Year in Review.

Every year also has a theme which the Year in Review is designed around, this year's theme was Connecting Australia. I designed and pitched the two different concepts below, each reflecting the theme of Connecting Australia in a different way.

The first design was hand drawn, and shows Australia made up of several connecting lines. The idea behind it is that people across Australia are connected in a myriad of ways. This representation of connections is a bit literal, every line is connected to each other from a central point. For some people this central point which connects them might be religion, culture, a fanbase or even a favourite place. The various dots or particles around the lines represent people that may not be connected to you by that one thing, but are still connected to you and are part of your life regardless.
The second concept represents how different people, objects, places etc. can become connected. Questacon connects people through shared experiences like exhibitions or anxiously standing together waiting for the tesla coil to light up. Thus, the dots are placed on people but also the material they engage with, because it’s experiencing that material together that connects us.
After much debate, the executive team decided to go with the second concept. While producing the Year in Review this concept went through a lot of changes, as you can see below. I'm still awaiting some final edits but below are some of the finished spreads from the final design.
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